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RAW presents HOUSTON CONNECT featuring Styles x Yaya

Styles x Yaya is officially a RAW artist! THAT'S RIGHT... a RAW artist. August 29, 2018 was our first show. Are we biased if we say that we had the best show? (Whispers, "We were the BEST!" ) The show was held in Houston, TX at Stereo Live. We had a little over 1,300+ tickets sold and over 60 artist that participated. There were singers, dancers, musicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, and fashion designers. Stereo Live is a 2-story club venue with 7 bars, in-house staging, in-house lights, and a balcony view that is TO DIE FOR. The venue was dimly lit to accent individual booths by spot lights. There was a T-stage about 3 feet from the floor and 4 individual pedestals spread out among the crowd. The pedestals were used for still-modeling. From the moment that the doors opened at 7:00 pm, the spectators were lively and energetic. You could feel the excitement in the atmosphere.

model posing in Styles x yaya

Styles x Yaya models set the tone when we were showcased for 10 minutes on the pedestals wearing the Styles x Yaya "Logo Tee" shirts and jeans. Four out of eight Styles x Yaya models were selected for the pedestals. The models chosen: Joshua "Duke" Williams, Ke'driana "Kd" Pierott, Anail Caudillo and Ebony Ofoh. Kd was stunning showcasing her tresses that were past her waist length. We ALL love some good 'ol hip length hair! YASSS! It was slick back in the front with a right part creating depth. Small waves were added to the back of the hair for added texture. Her jet-black hair complimented her makeup which was so elegantly simple. She was rocking a natural glam look include a BOMB red lip. We think we are going to deem her the "Queen of Smi-eyezing" Yes... she looked as good as it sounds! Don't believe us? Direct your attention to the photo to right of your screen. We aren't gonna say we told you so, but....


Model, Anail, looked amazing sporting a half up-half down style that showed off some wanded curls. Her makeup was also naturally glam'd up. She gracefully stood with gently puckered lips; you know the pose where the lips are barely parted and gives you ALL THE LIFE? Yes! You know what we are talking about! That... plus her natural smokey eye and her cheek bones gave us A MOMENT! Oh, and did we mention that she had the signature Yaya hair edges. They were nicely sculpted into waves. Duke (not photographed) was looking handsome in his "Logo Tee" and black-ripped jeans. Keeping his hair in a low fade added the perfect moment of masculinity to the group, as he was the ONLY male model selected out of the eight models. He wore just a touch of accessories including: gold-oval framed eye wear, small gold hoop earrings, and a gold linked bracelet. He looked divine with his stoic expressions. Lastly, Ebony was seen in a custom u-part wig unit. It was neatly straightened with a middle part and tucked behind the ears to show off her gorgeous facial shape. She look beautiful with a natural beat, some bomb lashes and red lips. This show was all about the natural tones and popping lips. Each of them were dusted in golds, peaches, cranberries, browns and charcoals. As a signature look, the eyebrows were SUPER FLEEKY! The pedestal models stood for 10 minutes changing poses, once, every minute. Their presence was definitely felt around the venue.

styles x yaya model ebony ofoh

The venue filled up and there were tons of pictures taken at our booth, in front of our photo wall. The wall was a plush green faux grass layout, dripping with floral arrangements. It was oozing the essence of our brand; trendy but timeless. The wall, also, featured white letters that read "Styles x Yaya". Our booth showcased a visual portfolio via TV screens and have our "Logo Tee" for sale.

The moment that stole the show was the runway portion. Our show was themed "The Queen Pin". The creative direction that Yaya illustrated showcased luxury at every social class level. Her hope was to show the transition from the lower class to the upper class; no matter what walk of life you come from, you ARE a Queen/King. We took inspiration from the Yezzy Season 2 Collection and Game of Thrones. Interesting? Ha, we know lol. The model sequence started with Anail Caudillo. Bria Lane followed, then Miranda, Ebony Ofoh, Ke'Driana Pierott, Loryn Goodwin and Joshua "Duke" Williams. Courtney Avriel was the last girl to hit the runway and her walk was smooth and stunning. Take a look, below, for each head to toe look.

Needless to say, the night was well worth the stress, tears, late nights and hard work. We put our show together within two weeks of the show date.

YIKES! Thank God, we pulled it off. Does anyone else work better under pressure? We don't advise it but we can say it builds character. Check the highlights on our IG page @_stylesxyaya to see behind the scenes footage. We are looking forward to our next show. It will be EPIC! A note from the Styles x Yaya Team: "We want to every person that bought tickets and supported this event. A big thanks to Symone Marked Beauty and Charish Simpson for assisting with

hair and makeup. We could not have done this without you both. We want to thank our models for blessing us with their talent. Thank you to our sponsors John and Lovenia Williams, The Key Center Church, Ministries, and Jasmine Williams. Lastly, thanks to team member, Gwen Millage

you are a blessing. You worked so hard and supported us every step of the way. Thank you."