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Styles x HAUS

Jarrod Guillory, Creator of Haus of Heirs Clothing Co.

On this 1st day of January we are remembering on of our greatest moments in 2016. We recognize the Haus of Heirs Clothing Company. The Haus is an urban clothing line that mixes an authentic style with gorgeous threads to create magical handcrafted garments. It partnered with another clothing line to present the Urban Aesthetic Fashion Show where Styles by Yaya was a featured backstage hair stylist. Backstage was lively and fun while the floor was elegant and well put together. The dim lighting created a great environment for conversation and the music set a high energy for the models to slay. Slaying is just what they did! Models, both male and female, walked to perfection. There was a great turnout of people, dressed to impress. The line's creator Jarrod Guillory was all smiles by the end of the night because of a job well-done. We are sure to say that Haus of Heirs is IT!

Hair: Styles by Yaya

Styled by Jarrod Guillory

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